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    Jump into a
    healthier lifestyle

    Whether you’re a beginner or just need a little extra motivation, the MadFit app has all the tools you need to get started on a healthier lifestyle right at your fingertips.

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    Fuel your

    Hundreds of tasty and healthy recipes with enough variety to suit any diet. You can find plenty of wholesome ways to give your body the nutrients it needs to power your fitness journey.

  • Benefit 2

    Sculpt and
    shape your figure

    Structured workout programs, challenges and a huge collection of real-time videos will ensure you always have something new to challenge yourself with.

  • Benefit 3

    Strengthen and
    tone your body

    From HIIT to pilates, to dance parties and even strength-based workouts - we've got a style to suit everyone.

  • Benefit 4

    Focus on

    Support yourself and feel happy and confident with the MadFit App’s mindfulness content. From guided yoga to stress-free workouts, and a journal function built right into the app.

  • Real-time workouts: abundant and continuously updated

    Real-time workouts: abundant and continuously updated

    We've curated playlists featuring a range of real-time workouts tailored to different trainers, fitness levels, durations, and personal goals.

  • Structured workout programs for all fitness levels

    Structured workout programs for all fitness levels

    Classic programs like the "12 week Full Body" and real time programs like the "Strong At Home" challenge, MadFit offers curated programs designed to achieve results.

  • Designed to keep you focused and get you results

    Designed to keep you focused and get you results

    Each program is carefully curated to get you the results you desire while also keeping you motivated with new and exciting workouts each week.

  • Detailed descriptions and videos for each exercise

    Detailed descriptions and videos for each exercise

    Good form is everything. Each exercise is accompanied by a detailed written description and video to help you understand and perfect each move.

  • Healthy recipes and nutrition at your fingertips

    Healthy recipes and nutrition at your fingertips

    Help fuel a healthy lifestyle with over 200 wholesome and delicious recipes. Our huge library of meals includes vegetarian, vegan and keto diets and is frequently updated by our nutritionists.


Track your activity on a daily, weekly, and overall basis.

  • Water

    Track your water consumption daily to ensure you are staying hydrated.

  • Gratitude

    Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day inside the app and reflect on your past notes at any time.

  • Sleep

    Follow a healthy rest schedule and keep a record of the amount of hours you sleep.

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  • Schedule

    Monitor your classic and real-time workouts using the calendar.

  • Achievements

    You can also unlock achievements and get an overview of all your workout accomplishments in the stats section.

  • Sync

    All data can be synchronized with the Health and Calendar apps, and you can also listen to your playlists from Apple Music.

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Real-time workouts

Follow along with Maddie and MadFit’s other expert trainers in real-time workouts. A growing collection of guided video workouts with styles ranging from high intensity strength training and dance parties to slower-paced, mindfulness inspired workouts like yoga and pilates.

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New “Journal" section to help you track and achieve noticeable results

Take a moment to reflect on your progress or write down any thoughts and feelings for the day. Add photos to your entries to keep a visual track of your results.

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